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Spirit Whisperers Book Study Kit

by Chick Moorman


Email Order to:


Individual Kit - $42.95

Individual Kit minus the Spirit Whisperers Book - $22.95


Building Level Kit - $99.95

Spirit Whisperers Book(s) for Building Level Kit - $15.00 per book



This study kit includes a hardback copy of Spirit Whisperers: Teachers Who Nourish a Child’s Spirit. You will have access to this Spirit Whisperer Book Study web site where you can download:

  1. A copy of your workbook.
  2. Spirit Whisperers in Action, an e-book with 77 stories of Spirit Whisperers modeling helpful techniques, inspiring attitudes, and Spirit Whisperer energy.
  3. 7  audio recordings by author, Chick Moorman, introducing each section of the book study, posing questions, suggesting discussion topics, and giving clarifying information.
  4. 180 Spirit Whisperer Contemplations that will be sent to you at the rate of one per school day via email.

In this book study you are invited to read, discuss, and make journal entries on the important concepts covered. If you are part of a book study group you will have regularly scheduled meetings and discuss many of the topics with your colleagues. If you are doing this alone you can create a pace of study that works best for you. You can go as fast or a slow as you choose. Whether you are doing this alone or with a group the end goal is successful implementation of the ideas and concepts being presented.

By ordering the Building Level Kit you obtain the right to copy all materials for your staff and the codes that enable your team to access the audio recordings.






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