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Chick's Qualifications - Parenting Programs

Chick Moorman PhotoChick Moorman holds bachelors and master's degrees from Western Michigan University in the field of Education. He is a former classroom teacher who went on to found the Institute for Personal Power, providing training for over 400,000 teachers and parents. He has worked with parents and teachers for over 50 years.

Chick Moorman, author, father, and grandfather, thought he had done it all. At different times in his life, he experienced full-time parenting, weekend parenting, and step-parenting. He even single-parented his teenage son for several years. After 20 years of traveling around the country teaching other people how to parent, without warning he became another statistic in the ever-growing number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Chelsea, age 15 and Austin, age 11 moved in with Chick full time and had to adjust to a new school, new state, and new experiences for them. Chick's life changed too, as he became one of only 125,000 men raising grandchildren as a single grandparent. During the four years that Chick single-parented his grandchildren, he relearned that the skills he teaches work if you work the skills.