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Spirit Whisperers

A Spirit Whisperer is any adult who teaches to a child's spirit. She believes that to teach effectively she must address the entire trilogy of a child's mind, body, and spirit. She stays conscious of the fact that in our current education system the portion of that trio that is most often neglected is the third one, spirit.

Spirit Whisperers care more about a student's attitude and energy than they do about his ability to memorize. A student's sense of personal power, degree of belief in herself, and level of personal responsibility command more of a Spirit Whisperer's attention than facts and reasons for historical events. Spirit Whisperers care more deeply about helping children acquire a spirit of inquiry and a zest for life than they do about the accumulation of answers to trivia questions. Helping students develop an appreciation of diversity and an understanding of concepts of self-responsibility, integrity, self-expression, awareness, oneness, and conscious creation become the tenets of a Spirit Whisperer's mission.

A Spirit Whisperer's primary objective is always development of the student's spirit. They focus on the power of belief, developing an "I can" attitude, creating an internal standard, and teaching and modeling a solution-seeking mindset. They believe that all behavior equals a choice, that being is as important as doing, and that power with is more effective than power over. They set up their classrooms so youngsters can learn that the classroom is more than a place of discovery, it is a place of creation -- the creation of who you are as a human being.

A Spirit Whisperer could be any teacher, parent, para-educator, administrator, coach, counselor, bus driver, secretary, lunchroom aide, or grandparent. He could be present in a child's life short-term or be there on a permanent basis. He might teach down the hall or live next door. You could even by a Spirit Whisperer yourself.