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"Many students have been trained to believe it is their job to do the work and the adult's job to evaluate it. Spirit Whisperers believe it is their job to help young people learn how to evaluate their own work."

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers help children learn that their most effective transportation system is their train of thought. They also help the children they love to use that understanding to determine the direction they are moving in, the destination they are heading, and the outcomes they wish to create in their lives."

~ Chick Moorman


Feeling alone? Many people all over the world are Spirit Whispering right now. Some people are touching the spirit of their own children today. Many of those people do not even know they are Spirit Whispering. Often they Spirit Whisper without having read the Spirit Whisperer book. None of them have any idea that you are Spirit Whispering too.

You are part of an amazing cadre of caring parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, and youth leaders from all over the globe. Thank you for quietly and steadily going about the task of putting spirit in the forefront of the educational trilogy, mind, body and spirit.

I appreciate your efforts.

~ Chick Moorman


"Thank you for being their teacher. Because you are their teacher, they receive a way of looking at and experiencing life that leaves them empowered and in control of the reality they are creating for themselves."

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers are working daily to help young people tune into the spirit and power within. May you continue to be light bearers, who shine light on others whose spirit is covered with layers of illusion and fear. Please know that there are others like you out there in every school, in every grade level, in every country, bringing more light to the youngsters they love and serve. You are not alone. Let your light shine, Spirit Whisperers. It is the best antidote there is to darkness. Shine on."

~ Chick Moorman


Thank you for doing what you do!



Spirit Whisperers use a shared control style of classroom management. By doing so they They help students experience freedom and security simultaneously. This organizational style builds feelings of us, we, and our into the classroom structure rathert than I, me, and my. It best supports self-discipline, self-responsibility and self-control. Thank you Spirit Whisperers.

Congratulations to all Spirit Whisperers who teach children a solution-seeking process and allow them to solve their own problems. Of course, telling students a solution is quicker and SW believe the time invested (notice I did not say "spent") in teaching the process is worth it.

~ Chick Moorman

Another trait that Spirit Whisperers work to foster. One that continues to be undervalued and unappreciated by the test makers. Than you for recognizing and caring Spirit Whisperers. You are making a difference.


Spirit Whisperers are the REAL leaders in your school building. Celebrate them. They are lighting the way to important learnings.

From Julie Parish Gutowski

Congratulations to Grant's 6th grade teacher, Regina, who pulled my little guy out of his shell, helped him find himself, realize his talents and gifts and trust his own voice! We will be forever grateful to this wonderful teacher- actually WAY BEYOND wonderful and this amazing school- Dearborn Heights Montessori Center. Click here to read more.

Thank you Spirit Whisperers for helping students/children find their voice and use it. Children are to be SEEN and HEARD. Keep on keeping on SW.

A Spirit Whisperer in action!

From Maria Tonella

Just finished my STTP exam.....I was so nervous yesterday, but someone very precious, gave me a beautiful advice, that I would like to share with you.

She told me that in the end is not about marks but about enjoying and applying the teachings, taking them to the heart in the best way we can. And also that not everyone has a mind that can memorize everything, but this does not says that we are not a good practitioner.

The last words she said to me, made my heart sing:

"Maria, you just try and don't worry, Gesehela knows us well, knows our intention. Our STTP is in the Pure Land Here we try to occupy this cloudy mind with some virtue."

She really helped memos I changed my mind and was able to relax and enjoy the exam. She was a precious emanation to me


Inscription on the back says Austin Sims pre-K 1995. I'm grateful this early childhood educator cared more about making memories than testing. There is no test score on my Christmas tree this year.


Spirit Whisperers are the REAL leaders in your school building. Celebrate them. They are lighting the way to important learnings.



"Your journey into Spirit Whispering doesn't have much to do with anyone else. It's mostly about you. It's about your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. It's about how you choose to be and how you choose to create yourself in response to where you find yourself now. Thank you for participating in this journey. Your children/students are worth it. And so are you."

~ Chick Moorman


"'You always have more choices that you think you have,' Spirit Whisperers, tell their students/children, helping them appreciate the fact that a wide variety of responses is available in any given situation. Thank you Spirit Whisperers for helping others become more response-able."

~ Chick Moorman


"When Spirit Whisperers notice a problem they immediately move their attention to solution-seeking. By focusing on solutions they send positive vibrations and emotions into the universe. Thank you Spirit Whisperers for helping students/children learn how to search for real life solutions. School is not preparation for life. IT IS LIFE."

~ Chick Moorman


Goal of one Spirit Whisperer.

Ghandi once said, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.” An appropriate paraphrase would be, our ability to reach oneness in diversity will be the beauty and test of our educational system. It’s not being on the test is a sign we are failing the test. Spirit Whisperers know that their ability to reach oneness in diversity is a measure of who and what they are as a professional educator. They are passing that test and they smile inwardly knowing they are making a difference. Thank you, Spirit Whisperers.

~ Chick Moorman

"Teaching is still the most important job."

~ George Lucas


"A real value that Spirit Whisperers bring to their classrooms is that they do not confuse connectedness with sameness. They realize that the sacrifice of individuality is not necessary in order to experience oneness. Both individuality and oneness are desired. Both are valued. Unity and diversity can and do exist in Spirit Whisperers' classrooms simultaneously. Thank you Spirit Whisperers for making that happen."

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers do not work to fit in. They steadily continue to be light bearers, those who bring light to others whose spirit is covered with layers of illusion and fear. Carry on you champions of education. You help us lift our eyes, our hearts, and our spirits to see and remember again what is possible when the main purpose of education becomes the creation of who and what we choose to be."

~ Chick Moorman


"Thank you Spirit Whisperers for continually reminding us that shame-based, right/wrong, competitive doctrines do not work in today's schools and are not working in our families and society. You are the lighthouse. Keep on shining your light. It helps all of us to see more clearly."

~ Chick Moorman