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Lessons Relearned

By Chick Moorman

I probably could have seen it coming. I know better. Why I chose to go unconscious on this issue is not clear to me. So, I got blind-sided. Unexpected. Surprise. Hey, look what I found.

What am I talking about? I’m leading up to tell you about my recent adventures with my new purpose/mission. I’m on the beginning stages of a plan designed to give Spirit Whisperers (parents and educators) support, encouragement and affirmation for what they do to teach to a child's spirit.

If you have seen my Facebook page, Spirit Whisperer Oasis, you know what I mean. Same with my new website, The Spirit Whisperer Sanctuary. (http://www.chickmoorman.com/spiritwhisperers/) The names Oasis and Sanctuary are no accident. They have been carefully chosen to create the impression of safety, relaxation and rejuvenation. They are safe havens designed to keep Spirit Whisperers from becoming extinct. They serve as a launching pad for giving, giving back to a group of people who greatly deserve it.

I give nourishment there.

I give useful ideas.

I give affirmation to Spirit Whisperers for what they do and choose to be.

I give encouragement to them to keep hanging in there in spite of outside pressures to give up.

I give applause for their efforts.

I give hope that the declining number of Spirit Whisperers is ending and that their numbers are growing.

I give proof that they are not alone, that indeed, there are many Spirit Whisperers in all parts of the world touching the spirit of the children they love and serve.

I give appreciation for the many extra miles that Spirit Whisperers go to every day in their desire to touch a child’s spirit.

I give a pathway to connection with others who share the Spirit Whisperer philosophy.

I give heartfelt concern to Spirit Whisperers who are struggling with decisions to stay or go in the profession they love.

I give a voice to all those who believe in the human side of teaching and parenting and are working daily, in spite of obstacles, to become the teacher or parent they always wanted to be.

Yes, both the Spirit Whisperer Oasis and the Spirit Whisperer Sanctuary are providing the nurture and support I intended them to deliver. I love these avenues of giving and they are often the first thing I attend to when I begin my morning. After coffee of course.

So what is the surprise? How did I get blind-sided? What is this important thing I found that was unexpected? I knew there would be a ton of giving flowing out. I’m in charge of that end of the equation and I offer it regularly. I was so focused on offering support, encouragement and appreciation that I temporarily forgot that giving begets giving. As a result, I was unprepared for the positive backlash that is now occurring in my life because of this mission. Since I began the Oasis and the Sanctuary, support, affirmation and encouragement have been flowing back to me daily. Appreciation for what I do is showing up in my life in a way and in an amount I have never before experienced. No, not ever. Yes, I am enjoying it. I have been getting many opportunities to practice being humble. Some of you know I like to wear hats and I like them to fit.

A few of the comments from this week include;

“This gives me goose bumps. You are speaking my language, Chick Moorman! I teach music students at a middle school. I don't see my number one job as being a teacher of music. It is being a teacher of character! Everything you include above are the greatest lessons I can teach.”

“Safe travels Chick as you spread your wisdom.”

“Love the website - signed up for your newsletter and will be ordering the Spirit Whisperer book! I do childcare. You have some great advice I will start using.”

“In an era of so much negativity toward schools, kudos to Chick Moorman for celebrating the many things people do who are working well and tirelessly for our children and our future.”

“Has anyone yet said they want to reach out and grab ya?” (I assume this is positive.)

“I love presents in the mail especially from my favorite author Chick Moorman! If you didn't order one my friends, make sure you do. I can't wait to read mine!”

“A lot of water has gone under the bridge since our TCHS days. I like the fact that you have devoted yourself to discovering good in the universe and have been willing to put in the hard work to bring positive change.”

“Love the picture handsome!!!”

Ok, enough with the examples. You get the idea. What’s the lesson? There are several re-learnings involved here that I choose to add to my long-term memory bank.

  1. Giving and receiving are one. As we give we simultaneously get. We get to feel good about our giving. We get to share appreciation with another. We get to flood our cells with positive vibrations. We get to add a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts.
  2. What we put out returns to us again. It may not come directly from the same person or at the same time and it will flow back in your direction. Expect it.
  3. Spirit Whisperers know how to accept appreciation and they know how to send it. Appreciating, nourishing and encouraging is part of their stance toward life. (I’m still baffled by how I allowed myself to not see it coming.) Affirming others is more than what Spirit Whisperers DO. It is who they ARE.
  4. I did look handsome in that picture.

That is all.