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By Chick Moorman

The last week of school for teachers of students who are graduating in a few days in often difficult. "Senioritis" is the name given to the behavior of seniors who suffer from "who cares anymore?" disease.

You wouldn't know senioritis existed if you visited Mary Clayton's drama class the last week of school. Motivation is on the upswing. That's because the students are getting ready for their futures party.

Clothes have to be made, scripts written, story lines developed, andfutures created.
On the last day of school every year, Mary throws a party for her students. She buys the soft drinks and chips and has sandwiches catered.

Students have been in preparation for a week or more. Their assignment was to imagine the life they want ten years from now. What would they be doing? Where would they be living? Would they be married? Would they have children?

On the day of the party, students will enter as if it was ten years later. This pretend reunion will last the entire class period. All conversation has to be placed in the future.
As they enter the classroom this day, students begin to greet each other.

"Hey, Jimmy, how you been?"

"They call me James now and I've been great. Jimmy wouldn't look too good on the door to my law practice."

"You're a lawyer? Wow. Congratulations. Maybe I should call you. I need to look at legal contracts for a new land deal I put together."

"What kind of land deal?"

"Super malls. I own six now and I'm looking to expand to another two."

"That sounds exciting. Here's my number. I'll be back in my Phoenix office in a week."

"You live in Phoenix now?"

"Yeah, I just moved back to the states from England. My wife missed her family too much so we came back."

"You got married?"

"Yah, remember the cute girl in our chemistry class? Carlotta?"

"Sure do."

"Well, she's my wife now."

And so it goes for the entire hour.

The futures party helps students create a vision of where they want to be ten years in the future. I requires that students get specific about their vision and act as if it has already happened. It infuses desires with credibility and shoots positive vibrations out into the universe.

Looks like Spirit Whispering to me.