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Educator Articles


Purposeful Anticipation - By Chick Moorman
(Beyond the gift of positive expectations.)

Cause I'm Good At It - By Chick Moorman
(I like to do what I am good at, don't you?)

Homework - By Chick Moorman
(How about helping students see homework as fun by allowing them to go home and show off the things they CAN do?)

Make Me Mad - By Chick Moorman
(Many of your students use language that reveals they don't realize they control their own attitudes.)

Mystery Month - By Kathy Jordan
(What were the strange objects that had appeared in the showcase?)

What's So Good About Good? - By Chick Moorman
(Did you ever get good and sick of "good"?)

Let Them Cheat - By Chick Moorman
(We're cheating students by not letting them cheat!)

Making the New Year Intentional - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(In 2018, I intend to help my students.)

Senioritis - By Chick Moorman
("Senioritis" is the name given to the behavior of seniors who suffer from "who cares anymore?" disease.)

Self-Talk - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Did you know that the words you use to talk to yourself are like seeds you plant in your mind? Do your students know that? Do they put that knowledge to use?)

Teacher's New Year's Resolutions - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(In 2016, I resolve not to teach my students to have a happy productive life, but rather to help them choose a happy, productive day.)

12 Valuable Mistakes to Make in 2017 - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Spirit Whisperers make mistakes, often on purpose. To move into the land of Spirit Whispering, consider making mistakes.)

"1892! Wow!" - By Chick Moorman
(How a teacher, who believes that school walls confine learning, took the students on a learning adventure.)

Don't Bug Me - By Chick Moorman
(How a teacher transformed what could have been an embarrassing, fearful incident into an opportunity for learning.)

Let it Go - By Chick Moorman
(Symbolic gestures and imagery help mind skills stick in the consciousness.)

The Drama Within the Drama - By Chick Moorman
(These are the lessons I live for as a teacher.)

Silent Mentoring - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Why not become a silent mentor?)

The Energy Releaser - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Small actions taken by one concerned teacher helped this student activate his inner energy.)

I Can't Wait - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Your students are offering you a gift: the gift of learning.)

Look for the Doughnut - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Learn the mind set of looking for the doughnut.)

The Art of Language - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Learn how words, phrases, and language patterns matter.)

Hats Off to the Hat Makers - By Chick Moorman
(Teach students about a service-learning project.)

Skywalker Sprouts, Inc. - By Chick Moorman
(Teaching students how to start and run a business.)

A Bit of a Disability - By Ellie Braun-Haley
(Teaching dance to students with disabilities.)

"I didn't get to him." - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Have there been one or two students you feel you haven't reached this year? If so, read this article.)

ICM Buttons - By Chick Moorman
(Learn what ICM stands for, what the buttons are and what they are used for.)

A Letter to My Children - By Sarah Brown Wessling
(A letter from a teacher to her children.)

Move Up Before You Move In - By Chick Moorman
(Learn the "Move up before you move in" concept.)

A Safe and Orderly Environment - By Chick Moorman
(Learn how to eliminate put-downs in his classroom.)

Common Bond - By Michael To. Powers
(Common bond between basketball players.)

"Check Yourself" - By Chick Moorman
(Teaching responsibility.)

Illegal Word Bursts - By Chick Moorman
(How to stop unwanted class discussions and outbursts.)

A New Attitude - By Chick Moorman
(Students needed a new attitude towards math.)

Fighting Mad - By Chick Moorman
(How to choose spitting mad instead of fighting mad.)

Who Do You Want to BE? - By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman
(Spirit Whisperers decide first how they want to BE and allow what they choose to DO to flow naturally from their first choice.)

Blockers - By Chick Moorman
(We don't need blockers.)

Kassidy - By Corrina S. Hyde
(Kassidy taught me about adversity and how laughter could make even the most difficult conditions bearable.)

Pop Quiz - By Anonymous
(Everyone deserves your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say, "Hello".)

You Want Heroes? - By Frosty Troy
("Where are the heroes of today?")

The Rumor Was True - By Michael T. Powers
(How student's words and actions can impact on other students.)

The Best/Worst Class - By Chick Moorman
(The strategy "Act as if".)

Are We Going To Eat Snakes for Lunch? - By Kathy Jordan
(Reasons for starting a luncheon program.)

Here, Grab My Hand - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Here's to all of us who can grab a hand and learn all over again!)

Walk and Think - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Good news. Teachers in an elementary school in Wyoming have come up with a viable and workable alternative to the removal of recess.)

Shake It Off: Lessons from the Ducks - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Learn how to shake it off.)

I AM RESPONSIBLE - By Chick Moorman
(Spirit Whisperers know this and they teach this to their students/children.)

Floating School Proves That Even Natural Disasters Shouldn't Deprive Kids Of Education - By Eleanor Goldberg
(School that floats on water has proven that innovation can combat almost any obstacle that stands in the way of learning.)

The Hard Part - By Peter Greene
(The hard part of teaching is coming to grips with this: There is never enough.)

One More Day - By Bonnie Jo Kelley
(Helping a student feel needed.)

5 Things I Learned to Say That Changed the Way I Taught - By Pernille Ripp
(There are many changes that will change our lives, these are some of my simplest and most important.)

Lessons Relearned - By Chick Moorman
(Lessons of support, affirmation and encouragement.)

Problem-Solvers - By Sue Dahlstrand
(Problem-Return technique, a method for returning the problem back to the student.)

Knots - By Chick Moorman
(Spirit Whisperers help their students/children untie mental and emotional knots.)

Lead with Dignity - By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
(Kindergarten teachers know these things.)

I Can Connect - By Cheryl Cook
(Strategy for helping students see and feel how we are all connected.)

Ideal Lady - By Bonnie Jo Kelly
(High school girls spreading sunshine to the lives of others.)

Looks Who's Special - By Chick Moorman
(Helping kindergartners identify and articulate positive behaviors.)

Horse Sense - By Chick Moorman
(Tale of a Spirit Whisperer teaching kids to ride horses.)