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From Barbara Lehnen Jacques

I look at this rendering, drawn by a precious student, each morning. These are the gifts of life, these are the gifts of love. Makes me hurry to school, to be with them. Lessons are planned, goals exist, and they'll all be honored. The moments of human connection, however, are the reason we are here.





"Spirit Whisperers are like cornstalks in the wind. They bend. They sway. They tip. They flex under the pressure that is placed on them by high stakes testing, common core, and deformers who have never stood before a classroom full of students in their lives. Spirit Whisperers are A-Maze-Ing!!!"

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers teach children how to sit quietly and observe."

~ Chick Moorman




"Spirit Whisperers teach children that looking inside for answers is as valuable as looking outside."

~ Chick Moorman