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Shared by Marjorie Marie.





























Are you on Track?


Inscription on the back says Austin Sims pre-K 1995. I'm grateful this early childhood educator cared more about making memories than testing. There is no test score hanging on my Christmas tree this year and there never will be.





Spirit Whisperers know this and pass it on. Please share with your circle.



How do you celebrate and honor your support staff?



Want to be a STAR? Do what STARS do.







At Lake Forest North Elementary School.


At Arthur B Ness Elementary School PTO.




At Arthur B Ness Elementary School.


Spokane WA — at Arthur B Ness Elementary School.


At Lake Forest South Elementary School.


At Lake Forest South Elementary School.


At Hunter Tannersville Middle School High School.



At Hunter Tannersville Middle School High School.



Connecting the generations. Walking in the woods with their great grandfather's canes.



The good news is there is no bad news.



From Kathleen Goodrich



They all come bearing gifts. Every one. — at Upland Hills School.


At Bridge Creek Elementary.


Humorous sign on an administrator's door. — at Montessori School of Columbia.


Norms rather than rules or orders.







Nickolas Joseph decorated his classroom door with his favorite book for March Reading Month. — with Nicholas Joseph.






Taken at Four Corners Montessori Academy.





"In 2017 let's not create classrooms where children hide from their weaknesses and pretend they do not exist. Let's create environments where children feel safe to let their weaknesses surface and consequently let them go."

Chick Moorman


From Amy Dressler, Waterford Montessori Academy.

260 4x4 ceramic tiles with images of peace drawn by the children just arrived! Looking forward to the tile wall install!!! 










Do you have a potting shed in the middle of your school garden? They do at this school in North Charleston, SC. — at Malcolm C Hursey Elementary School.













Ogemaw Heights High School.


Bowling Green Montessori.


Fulton Junior High, Fulton, NY.


Atwood Heights School District 125, Alsip, IL




Waterford Montessori Academy


Waterford Montessori Academy


"Spirit Whisperers believe that what they want to encourage from a child already exists within her and that their job is to encourage it to come out rather than to discover a way to put it in."

Chick Moorman




"Sometimes Spirit Whisperers don't say anything. They simply smile."

Chick Moorman


Spirit Whisperers know that any day is a good day to help a student turn the page in their lives.





Spirit Whisperers help students realize that no matter where they find themselves right now, they are responsible for their next step.


Spirit Whisperers give students a hand up through encouragement, affirming, and allowing.


Submitted by Sasha Hollingsworth

Brad Medchill demonstrating how Spirit Whisperers build a bed. The bed is not the only thing being constructed here. So is the relationship. Connectedness matters.



From Stepping Stones Montessori School, East Lansing, MI





"Spirit Whisperers teach to the child, not to the test."

~ Chick Moorman





Spirit Whisperers have eliminated "should" from their language patterns. They refuse to "should" on their stufdents/children. They use the word "could" instead. It gives them The Teacher Talk Advantage.




Learning verbal skills that communicate peace at the peace table.


Spirit Whisperers know that relationships matter most.





Yes, US, WE, and OUR rather than I, ME and MY.


Spirit Whisperers believe in setting boundaries and teaching students to respect them. — at Four Corners Montessori Academy, Madison Heights, MI



Spirit Whisperers know they have a choice to derive their sense of self from their children's accomplishments and behaviors or to realize and behave as though their personal sense of self is not dependent on their children's behavior. You know what they do.


Can you feel the positive vibrations? I was there and I felt it.


Important learning going on here. It's not about the content. It's about learning how to learn.


Spirit Whisperers strive to understand others (students/children) because they know others are striving to be understood.


Yes, Spirit Whisperers move beyond accepting differences to CELEBRATING them.


It is never too late to read "Spirit Whisperers."


Spirit Whisperers value togetherness and create activities and lessons that invite feelings of belonging.


"Spirit Whisperers help their children appreciate the beauty of getting off another person's path and blazing their own trail."

~ Chick Moorman


Went by this school today. I like their attitude. A nice alternative to promoting a sports schedule.


Spirit Whisperers dream and then they take action and turn those dreams into reality.




Spirit Whisperer words to live by.


"Spirit Whisperers are like cornstalks in the wind. They bend. They sway. They tip. They flex under the pressure that is placed on them by high stakes testing, common core, and deformers who have never stood before a classroom full of students in their lives. Spirit Whisperers are A-Maze-Ing!!!"

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers teach children how to sit quietly and observe."

~ Chick Moorman




"Spirit Whisperers teach children that looking inside for answers is as valuable as looking outside."

~ Chick Moorman



From one Spirit Whisperer to others