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Wish I had a source for this. I am not sure who deserves the credit. I support it wholeheartedly. 

Chick Moorman









At Malcolm C Hursey Elementary School.





Love and Logic practitioners are Spirit Whisperers through and through. If you have one for a teacher or a parent you are blessed.









Spirit Whisperers teach students/children to check it out inside and give credence to their inner voice. They help young people build and trust their inner-knowing.


Spirit Whisperers don't fit in.



Spirit Whisperers are leaders.

















Spirit Whisperers know the cure for boredom. Please leave them alone and allow them to administer it. Thank you.


Spirit Whisperers are teachers and learners. They learn from their students/children every day.


Spirit Whisperers are busy changing the world today in their classrooms and in their homes. And every day.








Spirit Whisperers trust their inner-knowing and teach students to do the same.



"Hurry up!" is not part of a Spirit Whisperer's vocabulary.



Another concept regularly taught, practiced and debriefed by Spirit Whisperers.







Spirit Whisperers can often be heard suggesting to their students, "Check it out inside."


Spirit Whisperers know this and act on it every single day.


Spirit Wisperers have red noses. Thank you for letting your light shine. You know the destination. Keep on showing the way.


Presenting students with a choice is a choice Spirit Whisperers make regularly.


When a teacher or a parent listens to a child they are simultaneously whispering to their spirit.


"Spirit Whisperers invite students to notice and examine their own thinking. They invite them to think of themselves as useful, successful, and notice their own importance. They invite them to think thoughts of themselves as self-responsible, respectful and caring.

Invitations are not always accepted. Spirit Whisperers know they have no control over whether or not their invitations are accepted. They only control whether or not their invitations are sent. And because sending invitations is within their control and accepting invitations is not, they concentrate on what they have control over. They send invitations in abundance."

~ Chick Moorman


"Spirit Whisperers do not see children as empty and work to fill them up. They see children as full and encourage it to come out. Thank you Spirit Whisperers for allowing that flow to go in its most helpful and healthy direction."

~ Chick Moorman


Spirit Whisperers put this into practice regularly.






Spirit Whisperers get this.




"When Spirit Whisperers notice a problem they immediately move their attention to solution-seeking. By focusing on solutions they send positive vibrations and emotions into the universe. Thank you Spirit Whisperers for helping students/children learn how to search for real life solutions. School is not preparation for life. IT IS LIFE."

~ Chick Moorman









Privately, day after day, Spirit Whisperers connect with their students, spirit to spirit. They are doing it without press conferences or attention-getting headlines. Spirit Whisperers often feel isolated and alone. They don't realize the cumulative effect of the trickle they began. They don’t always see the joining of trickles that create the river of change. Spirit Whisperers are not making noise. Instead, they are making a difference. Keep on keeping on, my friends.