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Frequently asked questions about setting up an educator program

1. How long do your programs last?

Educator programs usually last a full day. Often they are arranged to match the normal contract day for teachers. There are breaks in the morning and afternoon. It is preferred that participants not go out for lunch. If the district provides luncheon site, people are there and ready to go when we reconvene for the afternoon session. The Spirit Whisperer keynote usually last for 60-90 minutes. Often it is followed by one of the other seminar topics.

2. How far in advance do we need to book you?

The sooner the better. If you have a specific date that can not be altered, a year in advance is recommended. Otherwise, you run the risk of another client booking your date. If your date is flexible, less lead time is needed. Still, Chick books on a first come, first served basis, so call as soon as you know your date and he will hold it in pencil for you while you are deciding. Recently, he was called by a Church group whose speaker cancelled at the last minute. The event was scheduled for the following week. Chick had the date open and was able to fill the slot left by the cancellation. So you never know. Call to be sure.

3. Can we cancel in case of bad weather?

If cancellation occurs because of strikes, labor disputes, job actions, school or office closings, storm, airport strikes, or other "acts of God," the cancellation fee will be waived if the contracting group reschedules the presentation to occur within 90 days of the original date. If the date cannot be rescheduled within 90 days or if the cancellation is not for an "act of God," the following cancellation fee with be paid.

  • 30 days prior to the date... 33% of the honorarium is to be paid.
  • 10 days or less prior to the cancellation date, 50% of the honorarium is to be paid.

4. How many participants can you accommodate?

Chick has addressed groups ranging in size from 5 to 3000. He can address whatever size group you can generate considering the limitations of the room and sound system.

5. How do you handle expenses?

Travel expenses and charges will be calculated and billed to the organization at the conclusion of Chick's return from the seminar. Travel expenses will include: mileage, airfare, meals, parking, car rentals, cab fares, and tolls.

6.Can we invite another group to join.

Yes. You may invite another school staff, organization or guests to attend.

7. Do you need any special audio visual equipment?

A good quality microphone system will enhance the effectiveness of your program. Audio visual needs vary depending on the program. Chick will send you a list of A.V. needs well in advance. The most he would need would be an overhead projector and screen or power point equipment.

8. What about room arrangement?

Chick's preference is to have a flat, level floor with movable chairs. A media center works better than an auditorium. No lunchroom tables, please! Chairs facing the front, with an aisle down the middle, is preferred as Chick likes to move around the room as he works the audience. Chick will present in your auditorium if necessary. If so, please block off the back rows with masking tape, rope, or signs so that the number of seats matches the expected size of the group. THIS IS CRITICAL. More attention, energy, interaction, response, and retention occur with a compact group.

9. Can we have a parent program the same day?

Yes. In fact, Chick will stay and do a parent program FREE when you book him for a full day seminar. That's right. He will do the parent program at no additional charge.