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Educator Programs by Chick Moorman
for Parents and Educators

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Additional Programs

  • Good Praise/ Bad Praise
  • Transformational Teaching
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability in Your Classroom
  • Managing Aggression in Your Classroom

Motivating the Unmotivated

Underachieving students often fail to turn in assignments. They fail to attend class regularly, fail to build positive relationships, and fail to steer clear of self-defeating behaviors. Underachievers fail to find meaning in school work, fail to ask for help, and fail to see the connection between effort, success, and failure.

Failure hurts. Failure encourages impulses to escape, attack, cheat, withdraw, distract, and give up.

    • Learn to break the cycle of failure in you underachieving they can improve their performance and maximize their potential.
    • Learn to put attribute theory into practice in your classroom…so that underachievers understand the relationship between their behavior and their performance.
    • Help underachievers give up the victim stance and assume more responsibility over their school lives…so you can spend less time motivating and more time teaching.
    • Help underachievers develop an “I can” stance towards life so that can think, act, and be more successful.
    • Dramatically decrease the number of students who choose to underachieve by learning how to manage your classroom and your own mind to positively impact your “at risk” students.

The Teacher Talk Advantage - Training Opportunities

Awareness Session

Features effective ways of talking to students that enhance self-esteem, stimulate learning, and encourage autonomy. Increases a teacher's ability to deal with typical daily situations and problems faced by all teachers while communicating and expecting respect. Includes the 10 best/10 worst things you can say to your students. Intended to give enough Teacher Talk information so educators can see the advantage in scheduling further training and skill development in this topic.

Full-Day Presentation

This six-hour presentation helps an entire staff develop shared cognitions, a mutual language, and Teacher Talk techniques that can be implemented uniformly throughout the school. It is designed to help staff become skilled at defusing and handling anger, using effective praise, communicating expectations, and holding students accountable without wounding their spirit. Verbal skills that greatly reduce inappropriate behaviors, encourage difficult-to-motivate students, and teach respect and responsibility are included. This one-day seminar equips staff with the skills necessary to return to the classroom with an important and positive advantage when working with their students.

Three-Day Staff Training

Includes more material than the one-day session, more skill practice, and debriefing of the previous session. This training can occur in three back-to-back days or be spread out throughout the year. Includes a price break for multiple days.

Restorative Discipline: Help Your Students Improve Their Behavior and Strengthen Their Learning

Are you tired of being a police person: creating rules that are ignored, calling out offenders, establishing guilt, and handing out punishments? Are you looking for ways to help students develop the necessary skills for them to regulate their own behavior, solve disagreements and contribute in more positive ways to a peaceful, productive learning environment? Would you like to find strategies that build more positive teacher to student and student to student relationships? Have you noticed that students who return from In-School Suspension (ISS) change their behavior for only a short amount of time before returning to similar attitudes and actions? Have you seen how bribing students with a Friday popcorn party works to manipulate behavior briefly and does nothing to create an internal standard of behavior that will be activated later when an adult is not present? Have you observed a missing link in your discipline strategies, one that requires offenders to repair any harm they have caused, work toward a positive outcome, express remorse and make amends? If so, you are probably ready to seriously examine and implement a restorative approach to discipline.

In this NEW seminar, you'll learn preventive measures that are designed to build skills and attitudes in students while producing healthy and productive relationships among students and staff. You will learn a system of restorative practices that repair damaged relationships through reflective conversations that give students an opportunity to repair any harm they have caused and develop plans to make amends and move forward with a more positive attitude and behavior in the future.

The Only Three Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need

Yes, there are only 3 discipline strategies you will ever need. They will help you…

    • Eliminate whining, back talk, and procrastination.
    • Gain cooperation without nagging or yelling.
    • Hold children accountable without wounding their spirit.
    • Communicate anger in a respectful way.
    • Design consequences that are reasonable, respectful, and related to the misbehavior.

The three skill-based strategies presented in this seminar are The One-Minute Behavior Modifier, The Dynamic Discipline Equation, and The Positive Anger Explosion. They are practical techniques that parents and teachers can put to use immediately.

Celebrate the Spirit Whisperers : Keynote Address

This session will leave your teachers feeling proud to be a professional educator. It will celebrate the Spirit Whisperer energy that exists within every person working with young people today.

This keynote will rejuvenate your staff. It will show them a vision of an educational system that doesn’t perceive failure, that grants dignity without it needing to be earned, that holds the student in a state of grace even as appropriate consequences are implemented.

Chick will help your teachers lift their eyes, their hearts, and their own spirits to see and remember again what is possible when the main purpose of education becomes the creation of who we are and what we choose to be.

Achievement Motivation and Behavior Management: The Teacher Talk System

Teachers will learn how to decrease discipline problems and increase motivation for learning. This seminar offers a skill-based approach to using effective Teacher talk that will encourage self-responsible behaviors, self-motivation, and increased effort on the part of students.

Teachers will learn the verbal skills necessary to:

    • Get reinforcement theory working in their classrooms… encourage positive behaviors.
    • Eliminate negative behaviors….giving them more time for teaching.
    • Communicate anger and irritation skillfully… as not to wound the spirit.
    • Give descriptive corrective feedback….to move students forward.
    • Praise in constructive ways….so that students develop an internal standard.
    • Use attribute awareness….to increase student responsibility for academic achievement.

Teaching Respect and Responsibility

Do you notice disrespectful, unself-responsible behaviors in students at your school? Are you hearing an increase in put-downs, sarcastic remarks, and rude suggestions? Have you seen students acting, talking, and thinking like victims, without taking responsibility for their own behavior?

If so, then this seminar is for you!

Respect and Responsibility don’t just happen. Not by luck, magic, or because you put a few character education posters in the hall and held an assembly to pass out awards to students of the month. Respect and Responsibility only occur in schools where the entire staff sets out to create them with intentionality, skills and a unified attitude.

At this seminar, your staff will learn to create a classroom atmosphere that models and invites Respect and Responsibility. Included are techniques for defining, teaching and debriefing respect issues so that students internalize the concepts. Skills to encourage self-responsibility and respond effectively to counter-productive behaviors are also included to help teachers react confidently.

This workshop is skill-based, practical, and can be put to use immediately to get your students choosing responsible, respectful behaviors.

Enhancing Student Self-Esteem

This seminar is specifically designed to help educators diagnose and prescribe interventions for students who demonstrate evidence of low self-esteem in any of the four areas: Connectiveness, Uniqueness, Personal Power, and Mental Models. Participants will be given quick and accurate tools to help in their diagnosis, helpful techniques to relates to students with specific weaknesses, and proven strategies to combat those weaknesses.

Participants will learn:

    • to recognize students who suffer form one of the conditions of low self-esteem…so that through accurate diagnosis they can prescribe appropriate interventions.
    • strategies for relating to students who are low in each area…so that the student/teacher bond remains strong while self-esteem issues are addressed.
    • activities to help students develop high self-esteem in all four areas…to remove the blocks to learning and effective living.

The Five Power Eaters and How to Eliminate Them

Language is more than a medium of communication. It is also a medium of perception. The words you choose to use as a teacher and the words your students use affect how they perceive the world, help create their beliefs, and ultimately influence their actions. One of your main jobs as a professional educator is to help students learn and use language patterns that add to their confidence, help them take responsibility for their own lives, and increase their sense of personal power.

You will learn the five frequently used phrases and how they eat away at personal power and self-responsibility. You will be given specific prescriptions on how to rid yourself and your students of the dis-eased language patterns that contribute heavily to these conditions. Use these prescriptions and you will gain a deep inside satisfaction that you have touched the spirit of your students and helped them learn important pieces of the language of personal power.



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