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Chick's Qualifications - Teacher Workshops

Chick Moorman PhotoChick Moorman holds bachelors and master's degrees from Western Michigan University in the field of Education. He is a former classroom teacher and has invested over 50 years working with teachers and school administrators. He is the author of the highly acclaimed, Spirit Whisperers: Teachers who Nourish A Child's Spirit; Teacher Talk, What it Really Means; and Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teacher.

Chick is the founder and director of the Institute for Personal Power, providing training for over 400,000 teachers and parents. He has conducted over 2000 seminars on educating and raising responsible children. His mission is to empower participants so they can in turn empower others.

Chick has written two graduate level courses for Performance Learning Systems that are now being taught throughout the world. Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility (STAR) and Achieving Student Outcomes through Cooperative Learning (COOP) are known for providing teachers with practical ideas that can be put to use immediately.

Chick resides in Merrill, MI.