by Chick Moorman


Another major strategy for building class unity and connectedness between you and your students is a series of techniques and ideas I call making-a-memory. Do something crazy, unusual, or dramatic that will stand out enough to be remembered.

What will your students remember about your classroom ten years from now? Probably not that they learned how to multiply and divide fractions. Probably not that they memorized seventeen new contractions. And probably not even that they finished reading a specific assigned book.

Chances are they will remember the day the woman came in and painted all their faces and they shared a crazy experience called pantomime. Chances are they will remember the day they walked to the water pond to collect samples.

It is likely that they will remember that special, crazy day you organized.

Who will ever forget the day red flannel underwear flew from the top of the flagpole at an unnamed elementary school I recall? The drawers were hoisted to that prominent spot by the assistant superintendent of the schools as his way of participating in a school event called Red day.

Teachers and students throughout the school joined in the day by writing red stories, singing red songs, eating red finger Jell-O, drawing red pictures, writing red rhymes, creating red collages, and brainstorming a list of red words. The media center staff located thirty-three red books and displayed them on a red table. The lunchroom staff served red pizza buns and added red food coloring to the pears.

Red Day ended up touching the lives of all the students, the teachers, the staff, some parents, the principal, and the assistant superintendent of schools. It began as an idea to spread the concept of red. It ended up spreading the concepts of warmth, positive group feelings, togetherness, and unity.

Maybe Red Day is not your thing. How about one of the following:                     

T-Shirt Day

Banner Day

Hat Day

Bumper Sticker Day

Baseball Card Day

Swap Day

Super Sox Day

Nostalgia Day

Bottle Day 

Any Color Day

Silent Day  

B Day (or T Day or S Day)

Switch Day   

Plant Day

Grandparent Day

Old Record Day

Stuffed Animal Day

Vegetable Day (or Fruit Day)

Pickle Day

Pride Day

Pet Day

Share Day

Hobby Day   

Comic Book Day

Endangered Species Day

Senses Day

Make a New Friend Day 

Clash Day

Year 2016 Day

Button/Badge Day

Hero Day   

Dragon/Monster Day

Chicago White Sox Day

Necktie Day

Puppet Day

Wildlife Day

Instrument Day

Community Awareness Day

One more time, what are students going to remember from there time with you?


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