The Teacher Talk Advantage Facilitator Training

This three-day skill-based training helps local facilitators teach educators how to use verbal skills to create responsible, motivated, achieving students. It includes techniques to assist trainers in learning communication strategies that revolve around the Five Voices of Effective Teaching: Structure, Nurture, Teaching, Debriefing, and Accountability. Participants learn training strategies that allow them to teach the Teacher Talk Advantage with expertise and confidence. Ongoing technical assistance is provided to all graduates.

The facilitator training is designed to prepare local trainers to skillfully present the Teacher Talk Advantage to educators in their school district. Materials included with training are a facilitator’s manual, PowerPoint slides, participant workbooks, DVD, evaluation forms, logos, and the hardcover Teacher Talk Advantage book.

  • Would you like all the teachers at your school to learn effective verbal skills?
  • Can you imagine the positive impact on children if both their parents and teachers spoke the same kind of empowering language?
  • Would you like to be on the front end of a new adventure?
  • Would you like to extend your influence to 20 educators who influence 30-100 students every year?
  • You wouldn’t want to miss the Salmon dinner at Thomas Haller’s home would you?
  • Could you use three days of being around high-powered people who are making a difference in the lives of the people they touch?

2018-2019 Dates to be Announce


Full-Day Presentation

This six-hour presentation helps an entire staff develop shared cognitions, a mutual language, and Teacher Talk techniques that can be implemented uniformly throughout the school. It is designed to help staff become skilled at defusing and handling anger, using effective praise, communicating expectations, and holding students accountable without wounding their spirit. Verbal skills that greatly reduce inappropriate behaviors, encourage difficult-to-motivate students, and teach respect and responsibility are included. This one-day seminar equips staff with the skills necessary to return to the classroom with an important and positive advantage when working with their students.


Awareness Session

Features effective ways of talking to students that enhance self-esteem, stimulate learning, and encourage autonomy. Increases a teacher's ability to deal with typical daily situations and problems faced by all teachers while communicating and expecting respect. Includes the 10 best/10 worst things you can say to your students. Intended to give enough Teacher Talk information so educators can see the advantage in scheduling further training and skill development in this topic.


Book Study Group

The Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study Kit

This study kit includes a hardback copy of The Teacher Talk Advantage.You will have access to the Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study web site where you can download:

  1. A copy of your workbook.
  2. Audio recordings by authors Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller introducing each section of the book study, posing questions, suggesting discussion topics, and giving clarifying information.
  3. Over 300 Teacher Talk Quick Tips.

In this book study kit you are invited to read, discuss, and make journal entries on the important concepts covered. If you are part of a book study group you will have regularly scheduled meetings and discuss many of the topics with your colleagues. If you are doing the study kit alone you can create a pace of study that works best for you. You can go as fast or as slow as you choose. Whether you are doing this alone or with a group, the end goal is successful implementation of the ideas and concepts being presented.

By ordering the Building Level Kit you obtain the right to copy all materials for your staff and the codes that enable your team to access the audio recordings.


Three-Day Staff Training

Includes more material than the one-day session, more skill practice, and debriefing of the previous session. This training can occur in three back-to-back days or be spread out throughout the year. Includes a price break for multiple days.



Observations and Coaching

The authors are available for observation and coaching at your school upon request. This could include individual and/or entire school coaching. Includes observations, written descriptive feedback, and face-to-face communication.

Telephone coaching is also available for individuals upon request.



These dates can be used for training and/or coaching for:

Teaching Staff




Special Education Teachers

Teacher Assistants

Bus Drivers

Lunchroom Personnel

Parent Volunteers



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